Week 13 Summary


Rating Score
Sum 42/6
Daily average 7.00
Compared to Last Week -1.00

Dived into the huge hole of TensorFlow. Got cold because of changing weather.

Project Finished:

  • Built TensorFlow model to recognize Captcha.

Project Working On:

  1. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python, by Brad Miller and David Ranum, 80% to 85%
  2. Fon-Fon, by Nazareth, Ernesto, 60% to 70%

Things Need to Improve

  • Important FIRST.
  • Make plans for tomorrow before sleep and analysis it after.
  • Pre-analysis and post-analysis for decisions.
  • Strength of left lower back.
  • Get up early and do the important thing first.

Week 12 Plan

  1. Finish Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python.
  2. Assignments of Data Science Class.
  3. Write letter to professors.

Daily Rating Criteria

Subject Score
Important thing FIRST 3
Plan ahead 2
Mindfulness and Noting 1
Programming 1
Get up at 6:30 1
Piano, Exercise, Pronunciation 1
Daily Summary 1

A Few Thoughts

Sickness affected me a lot. Slept and ate a lot more. Body weight increased. Getting recovery.