Week Three Summary


Rating: (40 + 2)/7
Daily average: 6

Moved to new apartment, settled down. Looking for new friends, tennis player, piano and clubs.

Project Finished:

  • New Apartment.

Project Working On:

Python Course, by Codeacademy, from 61% to 76%
Essence of calculus, 80%
Deep learning, by Andrew Ng, 10%
Algorithms and Data Structures, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, 10%
English Pronunciation, start vowel exercise, six vowels done.
Marcia funebre sulla morte di Luigi van Beethoven, Op. 146, written by Carl Czerny, from 70% to 80%
Reduced body weight from 180 to 177lb, waistline from 91cm to 89cm

Project Planning

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python, by Brad Miller and David Ranum
Statistics One, by Andrew Conway
Web crawler with python
Less than 2 hours on All Distracting Time, more than 2 hours on Focus and Learning per day

Things Need to Improve

  • Balance between social and study
  • More detailed timetable.
  • Plan for tomorrow before go to bed
  • Meditate to sleep well

Daily Rating Criteria

Subject - Score

Important thing FIRST - 2
Plan ahead, detailed plan - 1
Java, Python at least two algorithms - 2
Piano - half hour - 1
HIIT - Twice a day - 1
English Pronunciation - 1
Time spent on WeChat under 1 hour - 1
                      more than 2 hours on Focus and Learning - 1

A Few Thoughts

Getting into a positive feedback loop, a growing spiral.

Start to think it throughly before action and always remind myself what is the most important thing to do

Meditation really helps. It is changing my brain. Highly recommend Headspace

Knowledge as Action.