Week Six Summary


Rating: (39 + 1) /6,
Daily average: 6.67,
0.34 up compared to last week

Wrote a case study about Vivino, Designed System structure of SugAR Poke. Spent wonderful time in Philadelphia with high school classmates.

Project Finished:

  • System structure of SugAR Poke.
  • Essence of calculus.
  • Less than 1 hours on All Distracting Time, more than 4 hours on Focus and Learning per day.

Project Working On:

  1. Regular Expression, 30% to 40%
  2. Find volunteers to develop SugAR Poke with me, including IOS, Android, Database, Restful API
  3. Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python, by Brad Miller and David Ranum, 8% to 15%
  4. Reduced body weight from 174.6 to 174.2lb, waistline from 87cm to 85cm

Project on Hold

Algorithms and Data Structures, by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, 10%
Deep Learning - The Straight Dope, 10%
Deep learning, by Andrew Ng, 20%
Statistics One, by Andrew Conway, 5%
English Pronunciation, start vowel exercise, 10 vowels and 5 diphthongs are done.

Project Planning

  • Web crawler with python

Things Need to Improve

  • Important FIRST.
  • Make more DETAILED plans and think ahead.
  • Pre-analysis and after-review for decisions.

Daily Rating Criteria

Subject Score
Important thing FIRST 2
Plan ahead 2
Java, Python 1
Piano - half hour 1
HIIT/Stretch 1
English Pronunciation 1
Noting/not get lost 1
Appreciation Practice 1

A Few Thoughts

Meditation really helps. Stay focused, noting and under control.
Building SugAR Poke actually is much harder after I designed the whole system. It’s not something I can finish on my own. Also, Need to think of other ideas about how to advocate the damage of addad sugar.